Monday, February 28, 2022

Triceps Press down with Exercise Bands

 This is one of my favorite triceps exercises. I do them standing but you can do them kneeling as shown, especially if you can't get the band anchored high enough. I strap it around my chin up bar. By the way, this is excellent using the weight rack at the gym.

You want to try to keep tension on the triceps throughout the exercise. You'll want tension on the triceps from the start so grab the band and pull to starting position level with your chest. Now make an effort to pull your shoulders back so they are not rounded and you're concentrating on using the triceps and not getting help from the shoulders.

Pull the strap down and turn your palms to the front at the bottom. You can skip that part if you're just learning these but doing them during the exercise makes the biceps and the triceps pop. The nice part about this is you keep tension on your muscles throughout the movement.

You vary the tension by grabbing the band higher for more tension and lower for less. The nice thing is you can grab the band high to begin and, when you can't push down anymore, you raise your grip and knock out the rest of your reps.

This exercise will make the outside muscle of the triceps pop and that looks pretty impressive.

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