Sunday, January 08, 2023

Suspension Training (TRX)

 I got my suspension training setup this past summer. My home gym now consists of exercise bands, kettle bells, weights and the TRX type system. I did not get the name brand TRX because it is pretty pricy. I got a set for about half the cost, and it is solid!

I do have a pull up bar and a heavy bag, but we'll discuss that in the future.

I'm guessing maybe 60% of my workouts now consist of suspension training. I'm getting up there in age and this gives me a super tension workout plus works the core. Not to mention the stretch benefits.

Check out this video by Bob and Brad. It will introduce you to this training method in a much better way than I could. I'll be talking about this in future articles.

Btw, these are not the suspension training equipment I bought so I can't endorse it, but it looks pretty nice and solid.

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