Sunday, February 13, 2022

Pistol Whip - Awesome Cardio Workout

 I mentioned in another article that I bought a Quest 2 virtual reality headset and am not using it for my cardio workouts. Playing a game while getting in your cardio seems too good to be true but it's true.

I just came across a game called Pistol Whip. I kept hearing about it and seeing it when I'd watch YouTube videos on using the Quest 2 for fitness. But the price was too high, as far as I was concerned. Luckily Oculus ran a 1 day special and I grabbed it.

Wow!! Talk about having a blast and still getting in a workout. This is off the charts. Here's a video for you to check out that shows one of the western themes. Watch it and then read on.

There are 22 or so movie style scenes where you can play. You're emerged into the action and bullets fly all around you. The western scene is my favorite but there are gangster scenes, graveyard scenes, and more. I'll use the western to describe the workout.

You're on a moving belt that takes you through the town. Bad guys pop up in front of you, off to the side, above you and behind you if you didn't shoot them. You have to stay alert and shoot them before they shoot you. The cardio aspect?

You see the bullets coming at you in slow motion. You have to squat down and duck them or move left or right or even do a Matrix style lean. There are obstacles in front of you that you have to avoid. You shoot at dynamite to kill a number of bad guys at once. I cheat and put the mode on No Fail so that I don't die and have to start over. That would hinder my workout. But you hear a zing in the ear when you get hit. I'm getting a little better and not getting zinged as much.

I can't describe the way you feel after the game ends. The game is intense, and you feel yourself untensing after. My breathing is up and the heartrate kicks up during the game. After my first 20-minute session I went downstairs, and my lets were feeling sore after a while. I played for the first time on a Saturday when I take the weekend off from exercise. I didn't realize until I was done that I was getting one heck of a workout. If you try this, please comment. I'd like to hear what others think about Pistol Whip as a fitness game.

By the way, it's called Pistol Whip because if you avoid the bullets and get close to a bad guy, you kill him by hitting him with your pistol.

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