Friday, February 04, 2022

Quest 2 Virtual Reality Fitness

 I have had a problem for a long time. I used to run and obviously that took care of my cardio workouts. I ran 10k races and a triathlon and biathlon and even a marathon. I wasn't competitive but I ran.

Knee problems and other issues with my legs and hips started making running less enjoyable and when my wife passed away, the motivation was gone.

I finally got back to weight training. I work out regularly with weights, kettlebells and bands. The problem has been getting in cardio workouts. I've tried. Elliptical and stationary bikes and rowing machines. Even walking. To no avail. Cardio was boring to me.

Until I bought a Quest 2 a couple weeks ago. 

If you're not familiar with virtual reality and the Quest 2, you can check it out here at Oculus.   I am not an affiliate.

Anyway, if there is interest, I'll dive deeper into how you can get shape using a Quest 2. Right now I have a boxing game, Thrill of the Fight, which sends my heart rate through the roof. 

I have programs such as Audio Trip that give you a workout as you move all around trying to hit flying triangle boxes and dodging fences by stepping to the side or ducking under mor leaning left or tight. I have a few more similar programs I loaded free as demos and will likely purchase in the future. I got Audio Trip because it went on sale.

If you've watched Youtube videos you have probably seen people running into and knocking over objects playing with one of these headsets on. No more. When you set up the game you draw an area virtually on the floor and it puts up a warning fence if you start to wander out of your safe space.

The result? I am getting an hour or more cardio a day!

If this interests you, please comment. I'll dive more into the fitness aspect of virtual reality.


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