Sunday, February 06, 2022

Kettlebells, Exercise Bands and Virtual Reality Fitness

 As we get older many of us tend to change our workout habits. I'm no exception. I no longer head to the gym and pile weights on the bar to see how much weight I can bench press or curl. My shoulders are fighting back and reminding me of what I put them through playing football and doing Tae Kwon Do and taking plenty of falls in sports and work.

Time to adapt. I still use weights for bench pressing or triceps presses. I do hammer curls and other curls using dumbbells. But more emphasis is on form and tension than on overall weight.

When Covid hit and our gym closed down, I bought an exercise band to go along with the weights I have at home. I liked it so much I now have a large selection of different tension bands. I can do pretty much any exercise using these bands, including assisted pullups as my shoulder won't allow me to do them like before. These bands put constant tension on your muscles without over straining them.

Next came a kettlebell. I bought heavy ones for shrugs and for the farmer's walk. Then I ended up buying different sizes. They offer tension you just can't get with regular weights.

Next came virtual reality fitness, which I just did an article on. I can get cardio work while having a blast and not grinding through an elliptical or treadmill or a stationary bike. I like to give myself the weekend off from exercise to recover but I can't keep myself away from the Quest 2 and the routines.

My point in this article is to explain why this site will start focusing on these forms of exercise. If you're a bodybuilder this site isn't for you. If you're someone who wants to work out and keep your body toned and in top condition without leaving your home, you'll love this. 

Now excuse me while I head into my bedroom to play my newest fitness game, Pistol Whip. I can shoot away at the bad guys while ducking and dodging bullets to get a good overall cardio workout. Think of something like Call of Duty but with so much body movement that you can't help but get a good workout.


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