Sunday, September 30, 2018

Do You Really Need Cardio Exercise?

I was on a long discussion awhile back about the value of running and the possibility that you can overdo it.

When it comes to cardio the general consensus is less volume and more intensity is best for you.

I am in the category that believes that. At the same time I feel running at any speed has to be beneficial for you but excessive running can eventually lead to injuries and when you get older and want to run, you may not be able to.

That’s my opinion but that’s only one opinion. You need to weight in on various options and eventually find out for yourself what works for you. Not for your neighbor necessarily but for you.

That’s why I have lots of articles from various fitness experts. I don’t want you to get stuck listening to only me.

Here is a very informative article from a well known trainer who can show you the quickest way to gain six pack abs. Take a few minutes to read it and see if you agree with him.

Do You Really Need Cardio Workouts?

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